Web.com report shows OneGoal.com seller got a fast ROI – Domain Name Wire

A 7x return in a matter of weeks.

Picture of someone's hands holding spread out hundred dollar bills with the words "quick flips"

Sales slowed at Web.com’s aftermarket sites, NameJet and SnapNames, in June. The pair combined for 106 sales of $2,000 or more, totaling just under $400,000.

One of the names on the list will look familiar: OneGoal.com at $4,601. This domain was also on the Sedo end user sales report this week at $34,995. So the buyer at SnapNames got a very nice and fast ROI on their purchase.

Here are some other domains that stand out:

CFS.org $9,695 – This domain was previously used by a behavioral health clinic.

Voogle .com $6,666 – Yes, the v is next to the g on your keyboard. And how about that final price?

GreenRide.com $6,350 – A nice brandable for electric vehicles and other eco-conscious transportation businesses.

CovidTest.com $4,988 – I’m perplexed why someone let this expire.

SlipFall.com $2,184 – A great domain for an attorney.

Here’s the full list of sales over $2,000:

smartcell.com SnapNames Expiring 9889
cfs.org Namejet Expiring 9695
execustay.com SnapNames Expiring 9556
themarketmogul.com Namejet Deleting 7500
sunbay.com SnapNames Expiring 6888
voogle.com Namejet Expiring 6666
greenride.com Namejet Expiring 6350
meteor.org Namejet Expiring 6256
litton.com Namejet Expiry 6002
imgrum.net SnapNames Deleting 5750
orthomed.com SnapNames Deleting 5650
ottonova.com SnapNames Deleting 5548
moules.com Namejet Deleting 5510
crinihaochina.com SnapNames Deleting 5250
communitymx.com Namejet Expiring 5090
la-press.com SnapNames Expiring 5050
covidtest.com SnapNames Deleting 4988
eltech.com SnapNames Deleting 4961
cad.io SnapNames Deleting 4893
greatamericancasino.com SnapNames Deleting 4870
gentletouch.com Namejet Deleting 4800
redshop.com SnapNames Expiring 4769
balletstudio.com SnapNames Expiring 4655
onegoal.com SnapNames Expiring 4601
cashsupply.com Namejet Direct Lister 4500
rella.com Namejet Deleting 4500
aesthetik.com SnapNames Expiring 4401
indianembassy.org Namejet Expiring 4307
innerhealing.com SnapNames Expiring 4303
problemgambling.com Namejet Expiring 4221
basqueresearch.com Namejet Deleting 4200
eapsa.org Namejet Expiring 4200
kidsense.com SnapNames Deleting 4101
climbingwalls.com SnapNames Deleting 4076
joymee.com SnapNames Brokerage and Escrow 3999
profitwise.com SnapNames Expiring 3914
dolaundry.com SnapNames Expiring 3889
betternature.com SnapNames Expiring 3808
skylineproperty.com SnapNames Expiring 3805
bookcamp.com SnapNames Deleting 3799
dopplerhq.com SnapNames Expiring 3795
bomac.com SnapNames Expiring 3705
datacompliance.com SnapNames Deleting 3681
frenchbakery.com SnapNames Deleting 3655
bermar.com SnapNames Expiring 3617
modernwoman.com SnapNames Expiring 3607
conciergemedicine.com SnapNames Deleting 3600
polizei.com SnapNames Deleting 3501
servall.com SnapNames Expiring 3401
learnstream.com SnapNames Deleting 3375
sonoff.com SnapNames Deleting 3315
gerbe.com SnapNames Deleting 3250
lydo.com SnapNames Expiring 3225
xrsex.com SnapNames Deleting 3212
iamconnect.com SnapNames Expiring 3195
apaa.com Namejet Deleting 3160
tdg.org Namejet Expiring 3133
logimat.com SnapNames Expiring 3100
hardwoodparoxysm.com Namejet Expiring 3033
tripup.com SnapNames Deleting 3001
jackerman.com SnapNames Expiring 2995
singletravel.com Namejet Expiring 2990
anthemcapital.com SnapNames Expiring 2913
taxiin.com SnapNames Deleting 2910
bluemilk.com SnapNames Deleting 2905
lanlink.com SnapNames Expiring 2905
noquit.com SnapNames Expiring 2901
vivaplus.com Namejet Expiring 2900
billycard.com SnapNames Expiring 2895
farmology.com Namejet Expiring 2805
ash-us.org Namejet Expiring 2800
egads.com SnapNames Expiring 2750
carcom.com SnapNames Expiring 2725
gptc.com SnapNames Deleting 2719
themient.com Namejet Deleting 2700
jobswitch.com Namejet Expiring 2538
scito.com SnapNames Expiring 2523
gsmail.com SnapNames Expiring 2500
stayindie.com SnapNames Expiring 2495
glaciernationalpark.com Namejet Expiring 2457
nte.net Namejet Expiring 2450
yplusplus.com SnapNames Expiring 2395
mbdesigns.com SnapNames Expiring 2373
tga.org SnapNames Expiring 2360
paydayloan.org Namejet Expiring 2300
eventlyfe.com SnapNames Expiring 2295
casea.com SnapNames Expiring 2261
hickok.com Namejet Expiring 2255
pdco.com SnapNames Expiring 2255
sfps.com SnapNames Expiring 2253
bl6.com SnapNames Deleting 2241
uniwire.com SnapNames Expiring 2200
slipfall.com SnapNames Expiring 2184
styleagency.com Namejet Expiring 2169
investingoldandsilver.com SnapNames Deleting 2149
migg.com Namejet Expiring 2128
timeinternational.com Namejet Direct Lister 2112
kapell.com SnapNames Expiring 2107
storageiq.com SnapNames Expiring 2100
bungalowventures.com SnapNames Expiring 2095
capablecare.com SnapNames Expiring 2095
waterfronthome.com SnapNames Deleting 2076
coincierge.com SnapNames Deleting 2058
healthearizonaplus.com SnapNames Expiring 2029
fxshop.com Namejet Brokerage and Escrow 2000
decisiondynamics.com SnapNames Deleting 2000