Voyager Wholesale now offers Microsoft Teams Trunks

With 145 million active daily users worldwide, Microsoft Teams provides businesses with a fully immersive and collaborative experience, even while working remotely. Integrating calling into the Teams experience allows users to operate a voice system with tools they’re already familiar with – and keeps communications all in one place.

Across New Zealand, telecommunications wholesalers are connecting their customers using Voyager Teams Trunks, a business-grade SIP Trunk solution that utilises Microsoft Teams to make and receive calls. 

Why Voyager Teams Trunks?

Since Voyager Teams Trunks are run on Voyager’s own voice platform, they benefit from the platform’s additional unique protections and features, offering several major points of difference that wholesalers can then pass on to their customers.

A robust, resilient infrastructure

Voyager’s voice platform has multiple direct interconnects with New Zealand’s major upstream providers, which provides resiliency and failover should a carrier have an outage. Geographic redundancy is offered through Voyager’s three voice infrastructure locations in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. 

An additional level of failover for inbound calls is available via Voyager’s inbound call redirect platform. Should a Voyager Cloud PABX fail, critical inbound calls can be redirected to ensure calls are never missed.

All these features are available for Teams Trunks solutions run on the Voyager platform, enabling wholesalers to deliver the same reliability to their own customers.

Hybrid solutions to suit all

Running Teams Trunks on Voyager’s Cloud Voice platform also means wholesalers can provide a single calling solution that includes both Teams users and non-Teams users. This offers major flexibility, with the ability to build systems that use Cloud PABX functionality as well as Microsoft Teams Voice.

Setup and management are kept simple by wholesalers’ ability to access PBX features and functionality in Voyager’s Cloud PBX platform rather than PowerShell.

Security for peace of mind

Voyager Teams Trunks benefit from added Fraud Protection to mitigate the risk of hacking and fraudulent calling. With triggers and algorithms that work to quickly identify and block fraudulent calling, this enables wholesalers to protect their customers from costs that can quickly skyrocket if their voice system is hacked.

Voyager has been providing New Zealanders with smart IT business solutions for over a decade, and covers everything from simple phone plans to website hosting and domain names. Voyager Team Trunks is another key innovation that sets the company above the rest.

To find out how Voyager Teams Trunks or other Voyager voice solutions can help you expand your business, fill out this form or ring the Voyager wholesale team on 0800 4 PARTNER.