NFT Crypto Domains Marketplace, Quik Offers a Bridge for Website Owners into the Web 3.0

Quik is the place that allows you to purchase NFT domains. It will partner with several crypto exchanges and wallets, including Coinbase. Quik aims to bring an easy-to-use and accessible platform to acquire decentralized crypto domains. 

Today, most of us recognize domain names as the combination of letters to access websites from our browsers on the internet. However, in reality, domains were created to do much more than show a website, including sending emails and making payments. 

Then, why aren’t domains taking advantage of these elements?

The short answer to this question is the centralized nature of traditional domain names. And centralization, as has always been the case, creates barriers to innovation.

Regardless, the advent of NFTs, nonfungible tokens, and decentralized technologies proves that we can overcome such high obstacles. We can maintain self-custody with decentralized domains, assuring complete control over our assets, validated on the blockchain and maintained in a virtual wallet akin to a cryptocurrency.

These domains have additional benefits like the capacity to support decentralized websites, full ownership control over domain administration features, and the potential to innovate beyond what is put into a browser for developers. NFT domains are credited as being the catalyst for the revolution of the internet as we know it today., the “world’s first crypto marketplace for NFT names,” recognizes the enormous potential of NFT domains. The platform contains a domain name registry where users can search particular listings. It is designed to allow the buying and selling of blockchain-based NFT domains.

Quik’s founders seek to “harbor a creative NFT domain for the internet of the future” with this initiative.

The Quik ecosystem is intended to assist businesses in transitioning from Web 2.0, a centralized system, to a Web 3.0, permissionless, and permanent internet future. It will enable us, users, to restore the independence we lost during the first transition from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 and grow toward the decentralized future predicted by experts.


NFT Domains are Owned

Buyers can browse options with an advanced search system, allowing users to acquire blockchain domains with minimal effort, building on the old standard of domain sales. NFT domains are built on blockchain infrastructure, distinguishing them from regular domains.

Blockchain technology allows us to own our NFT domain rather than renting. It means we will only need to pay a one-time registration charge for the domain, with no renewal fees. Moreover, the true ownership also entitles the original minter to a 5% to 10% perpetual royalty on every subsequent domain sale.


Quik is registering for alpha.

After the launch, users will be able to navigate through top-level domains (TLDs) such as .doge, .shib, .vr, .bored, .blockchain, .web3, and .metaverse, all of which will be accompanied by creative artwork. Users can access the internet of the future through a gateway of their choice with these assets. TLDs will have a limited minting capacity, putting users on a first-come, first-mint basis. 

The first round of TLDs will all be based on the Ethereum blockchain (ETH); wants to add other blockchains soon, including Solana (SOL), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and GateChain.

Domain owners can utilize their domain as a website URL, a global username across applications and websites, or a payment address for their wallets within the Quik ecosystem. These use cases are said to be just the beginning, and they will continue expanding as the ecosystem develops.


From Domain Names to Wallet Addresses, Quik Has Got You Covered

Following the launch of Quik’s NFT domain marketplace, which is scheduled for the end of February 2022, the team says their attention will shift to developing web browser extensions, including their own, and cooperating with several prominent cryptocurrency wallets including Coinbase. Exchanges will use Quik NFT domains instead of existing wallet addresses with these arrangements. also offers a QUIK Token private pre-sale, which a public token sale will follow.

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