May Chen of Epik notes Second 7 Figure Sale of 2022 –

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May Chen Domain Name Broker from Epik posted on her personal TwitterWhat a busy (great) January for me. Second week of #2022 hasn’t even ended, but the second 7-figure transaction has been completed along with several 6 and 5-figure brokerages. Contact me with your offer#domainname #broker #Cryptos #web3 #dao #coin #meta #chain #eth #btc #usdt”

Rob Monster the CEO of Epik noted in the comments that “True story – @may_c18 is making the #domain deals happen across the #crypto, #Metaverse and #DeFi space. To launch, these projects all need great domains, of which there is a finite supply”

The domain names haven’t been disclosed as like many transactions in the industry they often fly under the radar as the new owners often put an NDA in place to prevent the prices be revealed, I have never really understood why they don’t want it getting out in the open market, I suppose the only logic is to prevent others then spamming them with similar names for sale but the more transparency we can have the domain name sale space the better IMO.

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