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I spotted a post on Facebook by Manish Lunja, the self-made multi-millionaire, and domain name investor, he announced a domain name sale in the first hour on the 1st of January 2022 but didn’t share the domain name in the post, however, I followed up directly with him via messenger and got his blessing to announce that the domain name sold was, for $100,000 USD.

Manish was kind enough to share that he acquired the domain name for $11,500 USD via “Buy Quality Domain Name” which is operated by James Booth in 2019 and had held the name only for a few years before this amazing sale, which earned Manish a nice ROI of 769% on a 1.5-year investment…

Let’s be honest that’s why the majority of us got into the domain name industry… The opportunities and ROI potential is huge and while it might be seen as taking a gamble, I see it more as taking a calculative risk on premium domain names like as when the payouts arrive they can be very lucrative.

A huge congratulations to Manish and the new owner of, Do you want to buy undervalued domain name assets to sell in the future then check out domains that are in an auction such as,,,,,, and many more domains that I write about daily on Robbies Blog. Return On Domain Name Investment note below… WOW!

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