Kalmbach Media owns Trains.com – Check out the whole portfolio

Kalmbach Media - Trains.com

Kalmbach Media reaches more than 35 million customers through a diverse portfolio of brands that encompasses magazines, digital content, books, and related products, Founded in 1934, Kalmbach Media (formerly Kalmbach Publishing Co.) is an independent, privately held company based in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Our staff of creative, diverse, and talented professionals are recognized experts in their fields and actively engage in the hobbies they serve.

The company owns a category killer dot com – Trains.com which has been registered since the 2nd of May 1995, we are unsure if Kalmbach was the original registrant or acquired Trains.com but can see from Archive.org records that its been in the company’s possession since at least May 2001.

Other domain names owned by Kalmbach Media are noted below but I think we will agree the two standout domain names are Astronomy.com & Trains.com

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