Half a Million .eth Domain Names Enlisted by ENS

  • The progressively popular Ethereum Network Service has hit the 500,000 Million mark in terms of registered .eth domain.
  • More than 632,000 total names have been enlisted, which involves imported DNS names into ENS as well as subdomains.
  • As of this writing, Etheruem was trending at the market value of $3,252.38, facing a 24 hours down of  3%.

Ethereum Name Service or ENS, is a facility for mapping addresses of Ethereum to domain names that can be read by humans, ending with .eth, like Shaq.eth rather than 0xd8da6bf26964af9d7eed9e03e53415d37aa78699

The ENS facility is gaining popularity rapidly every passing day amongst the Ethereum clients and others. Also, displaying ENS names in the twitter handles is trending now, including prominent personalities like Shaq O’Neal, who’s twitter handle says, Shaq.eth.

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However, ENS names have a lot more use cases practically than just bragging it on the Twitter handles, address to name being just another. Other functions involve reverse mapping, data of the user profiles like email addresses and Twitter profiles, and amalgamation with worldwide Domain Name System(DNS) domain names. .eth names enlisted in ENS are Non Fungible Tokens.

The 500,000 Mark

Since the emergence of ENS token back in November, enlisting of the domain names have escalated, surpassing the 0.5 Million mark. Since November, registrations of domain names are increasing by over 2x, reaching over 90,000 registrations. In December, more than 109,000 registrations took place.

Moreover, more than 632,000 names have been enlisted, that involves imported DNS names into the Ethereum Service Network and the subdomains. The latter numbers are predominantly being looked at by the ENS. 

As per Brantley Millegan, ENS operations director and a team member, ENS is looking for the overall names on Ethereum Network Service, involving Imported DNS names into ENS, .eth names and subdomains. They are also concentrating at the total integrations, since it is how many entities are utilizing the ENS. 

The Community Holds the Future

The team of ENS have bigger future aspirations, now held by ENS DAO and the wider community governing the project, since ENS token’s drop. Just after hitting the peak the token price is moderate, after dropping at $83.4, back in November. Since its all time peak, As this article was being written, ENS token was trending at $25.67, down by 7.21% in 24 hours.

Quoting that, “you were airdropped responsibility” commenting on the price action of the token after airdrop, Millegan likes to concentrate more on bigger aspects than money.

ENS is an effort towards a latest internet protocol, and is not for profit, identified with the standards of EIP, and owned by the community. They are focusing on the development of something which will not be owned by a single entity, but by all, which can be utilized by them for the years to come, instead of just publicizing gameable metrics in a brief time span.

As of this writing, bears had the control over Ethereum and by down by 3%, trending at the price of $3,252.38.

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