Did Galaxy.com just sell for $5 Million USD or more? –

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The domain name Galaxy.com is an ultra-premium dot com, It was owned by Beijing Galaxy World Group Co Ltd, which appears to have acquired the domain name from Logika Corporation between March 2017 & June 2017 when we noted that Beijing Galaxy World Group Co Ltd was registered as the new owners.

So what is a Galaxy? A galaxy is a gravitationally bound system of stars, stellar remnants, interstellar gas, dust, and dark matter. it’s not just another phone from Samsung…

When carrying out a Historical Whois using our partners WhoisXMLApi.com, we can see that this month the domain has remained under privacy but the technical details have now moved from showing Beijing Galaxy World Group Co Ltd to be under privacy also…

Shifang Yuan the COO at Vname.com tweeted that “Galaxy.com has closed for seven figures. This domain name used to be priced at $5 million, but the specific transaction price was not told to me.”

So what do you think, has Galaxy.com been sold for $5 Million USD or more, of course, it could be less also? Beijing Galaxy World Group Co Ltd still owns a number of domain names including the plural Galaxys.com as well as the popular gTLD in China .TOP with Galaxy.top

If it’s true and we see an update in the whois or if the website goes live on Galaxy.com – We wish both the buyer and seller the best of luck in the future on this amazing dot com domain name, maybe 2022 is going to be the killer domain name sale year we all hope for… Read about a 10 Million USD domain name rejection that I wrote about earlier today.

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