Big Honor for Kate Buckley, Monte Cahn Gets His Own TLD  & Domain Sales Break Another Record!


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Honor for Kate Buckley, Monte Cahn Gets His Own
TLD  & Domain Sales Break Another Record!

focused on domain names
so many of us are, it is always a
bit disconcerting to see how
little attention our industry (and
the people in it) get from the
mainstream business world. After
all, domain names are critically
in branding
for every company that does
business online and they provide
the virtual real estate all
of those companies have built
their web operations on! 

being the case, it is really
refreshing to see those rare
occasions when someone in our
field gains recognition
from a business media outlet that
everyone recognizes, no matter
what business they are in. That
just happened for Kate Buckley,
the founder of Buckley
and broker of
some of biggest domain sales
you’ve seen posted on our charts
over the years (a recent example
being her $1,008,900 sale
of in
2021).  Kate, who was the
subject of a 2018 DNJournal
Cover Story
, was just
named to the prestigious Forbes
Next 1000
list for
2021. The Forbes
honor roll recognizes “The
Upstart Entrepreneurs Redfining
the American Dream

Founder Buckley Media

noted, “America is rich in small businesses. To shine a light on these entrepreneurial heroes,
Forbes created the Next 1000. This year-round initiative showcases the ambitious sole proprietors, self-funded shops and pre-revenue startups in every region of the
country – all with under $10 million in revenue or funding and
infinite drive and hustle. Fueled by your nominations and
screened by top business minds and entrepreneurial
, the four installments
(250 honorees are named in each
quarter) culminates in a list of 1,000 new faces who are redefining what it means to build and run a business
. It’s a well-deserved
honor for Kate and an accomplishment
that also reflects favorably on
our industry. Our congratulations
and thanks to her.


will go down as a memorable
for another major
industry figure, domain
pioneer and
President Monte Cahn.
Cahn Enterprises, Inc.
(the parent company of
RightOftheDot), in
partnership with domain
industry veteran Jeff
and Digital
Asset Monetary Network

have launched
Dot Hip Hop, LLC
serve as the registry
for the
Generic Top Level Domain
. Another
industry veteran,
RightOfTheDot’s Scott
, also joins the
team as the Director of

Hip Hop, LLC purchased the
rights to operate the .hiphop
domain extension from previous
owner, Uniregistry
(pending approval from ICANN).
Dot Hip Hop, LLC has made
it their mission to
elevate members of the Hip
Hop community by providing
them with a domain name
that will identify with
the art, music, and
culture they love. The
company will  focus
marketing efforts on the
potential end-users of
the .hiphop domain. Dot
Hip Hop, LLC intends to
lower the TLD’s wholesale
, making it
easier for customers to
create their storefronts
and to provide
cutting-edge technology to
meet the ever-evolving
demands of the digital

said, “I am so very
thrilled to be a part of

Hop! Having a top level
domain like .HipHop will
provide tens of millions
of individuals along with
small, medium, and large
corporations with online
and digital branding
solutions that meet the
needs of this entire
worldwide community. In
addition, .hiphop is the
perfect digital asset for
creative artists, song
writers, producers,
fashion designers, and
lovers of the Hip Hop
culture and movement,
which continues to grow
every day.”

other key note today. The
latest edition of’s
Market Report
covering the final quarter
of 2021, is now out. This is
the 22nd edition of the
report that focuses on short
acronym and numeric .com
that, due to
their popularity, offer a
level of
“liquidity” that
most other domain categories
do not.

the new release, GGRG
Founder Giuseppe Graziano
reported that, for the
second quarter in a row, the
liquid market posted a
record high
in sales
volume with
ringing up $34 million from
this category over the
3-month period. That is an
astonishing 67% jump
from the then record $20
logged in the
previous quarter. This is
further evidence of the
aftermarket boom we reported
throughout 2021.

noted that  99%
of the sales took
place in the categories with
the highest development
index: $22.2 million in 3-letter
.com sales; $6.6 million in
4-letter .com and $5 million
in 2-letter. com. 

January 14, 2022)



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