Semiconductor company acquired domain from retail fixtures company – Domain Name Wire

Goebel Fixture Company sells to GlobalFoundries.

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Semiconductor company GlobalFoundries appears to have acquired the two letter domain name earlier this year. Historical Whois records show the domain transferred in late March or early April.

Goebel Fixture Company, a company that sells fixtures and displays for luxury retail, owned the domain for at least two decades and might have been the original registrant in 1995. It changed its web address to

In a message on its website, Goebel Fixture Company announced:

As Goebel evolves, we are updating our digital presence. Our domain name is changing from to

Changing our domain name to makes it easier for our customers to find us online, and our commitment is to continually serve our customers.

I don’t think it will make it easier for customers, but I’m sure GlobalFoundries found a value that made the fixtures company decide it was worth the hassle of changing domain names.

GlobalFoundries currently forwards to its website at

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