Overcoming Boredom | DomainInvesting.com

There are moments of pure excitement with the world of domain investing. Winning a competitive auction, receiving a domain name sale payment email from a domain name marketplace, confirming an inbound or outbound domain name transfer, an inquiry or offer from a qualified prospect, and a fruitful negotiation with a tough counterpart. I am sure there are more, but you get the picture.

Beyond these sometimes fleeting moments, there is a great deal of boredom in the domain space. There is only so much time that can be spent seeking out domain names to buy, bidding on domain names, and negotiating sales. A great deal of the day to day domain investment management activity is pretty boring to me.

One of the greatest benefits of being a domain investor is the amount of free time I have. I can hit the gym or bike pretty much whenever I want. I can pick up the kids from activities and camps. I can travel when my family is free. I can run errands. My schedule is super flexible (Red Sox game at 2pm today? Sure, why not.).

Filling this free time is often an issue. I would love to be able to play tennis or go for a bike ride with a friend during the late morning or early afternoon. Most friends aren’t available. Workouts, errands, and other “stuff” is usually pretty quick, too. It still leaves me with lots of time to fill. It’s not a good feeling having little to do.

I could spend my time working on domain name related activities. Perhaps doing some outbound sales or re-connecting with people who inquired about domain names or who may be selling domain names. Beyond buying domain names, I think outbound selling can be more frustrating than helpful. At this point of the year, I would rather sell to a company that wants or really needs one of my domain names than try to convince someone why I have a domain name they should want.

A lot has been said about the shift in attention some people have made from domain names to cryptocurrency or NFTs. I haven’t, but I can see the allure for some people. They are hot markets that never shut down. There is a ton of activity, trading, speculating, discussing…etc. It’s sort of the opposite of domain investing. I don’t see myself making the leap, but I see the appeal. Shifting focus from domain investing to other activity is a good way to overcome the inherent boredom of domain name investing.

What do you think?